10 12 2010

Bueno, esto es lo que he averiguado de momento del Master de Comunicación del segundo cuatrimestre:

Master module (30 ects):

Date: Activity: Room:
26 Jan – 1 Feb Introduction / group formation 43.3.29
8 Feb Deadline supervisor application  
14 Feb – 4 Mar Course period 1  
7 Mar – 25 Mar Course period 2  
26 Mar – 31 May Project writing  
31 May Project submission 42.2
14 – 24 June Project exam period  

 Project: Please learn more about the project in the international student’s handbook. (15 ects)

General introduction to the master module: 26th January 2011, 13:30-16:00, room 43-3.29
Group formation: 27th January 2011, 13:30 – 16:00 / room 43.3.29
                       28th January 2011, 09:30 – 16:00 / room 43.3.29 
There are two mandatory courses at the master module:

Course: Digital Rights and Wrongs – Critical Approaches to the Evolution of New Media Technologies (7,5 ECTS) 

Course: Communicative Challenges in a Globalised Media Context (7,5 ECTS)


En esta página web también encontrarás el learning agreement:

Cuando sepa cpomo matricularme actualizaré la entrada


La cosa comienza a preocuparme. Miren la carta que tengo en este link: Portalino >   Subject enrolment for the spring semester 2011

Dear Noel Corregidor

In this form you should enter the generel information that the Registration Office needs for your overall enrolment in STADS.

Some subjects need further information in order to plan the coming semester.
Click on the link below the subjectname.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations regarding subjects registration. If in doubt please visit the Student Guidance web-site

You have registered for the spring semester 2011, but we haven’t processed it yet.

Please check that the information below still corresponds to your plans for the spring semester 2011. Update it if not.

Seguiré informando….


La frase más odiada por un estudiante: (If no forms appear the time limit has been exceeded.)

Comprueben su estado en Portalino > STADS. Yo me voy a mi departamento a hablar cn alguien para que me ayude