12 05 2011

What is Erasmus without free borders in Europe?

Dansk Folkersparti is a extreme right party in Denmark which wanted to create more stringent border controls around the country. However, no one in Europe though that the Danish Government could break the Schengen agreement. One of the reason to cancelled Schengen Agreement is because the Liberal-Conservative government need the Dansk Folkeparti´s support for its welfare reform. And also, because this year there is a very important national election.

Under the Europe’s common border agreement, people are allowed travel within the so-called Schengen area without passport checks at national borders. The Oresund bridge connect Copenhagen and Malmo by train in 25 min. We can go to Sweden faster than Roskilde. Many times as we wanted, we could cross the border just to buy a train ticket. Now it has changed, for how long?

Regrettbly, today there will not be a Danish flag in our living room.