Roskilde Festival

3 03 2011
Lentamente se va acercando el acontecimiento por el que Roskilde es conocido internacionalmente: su Festival de principios de julio.
A las afueras del pueblo se instalan varias carpas en las cuales durante una semana, daneses y no daneses disfrutan al máximo de la música. Finalizados los exámenes, con el verano recien estrenado y un “calorcito” muy bien recibido en estas tierras; las tiendas de campañas proliferan por los alrededores. Este año del 30 al 4 de julio tendrán lugar los conciertos siendo el viernes y domingo, cuando este tranquilo pueblo situado a 30km de Copenhague, ruja y se transforme en la capital de la música indie y rock. Metallica, Read hot chili peppers, The Killers, The Who, Blur, Radio head, The Chemical Romance… han pasado por esos escenarios.
Este año llega el turno de Afrocubism + Autopsy + How To Dress Well + Iron Maiden + Kings Of Leon + The Tallest Man On Earth. La entrada son 250 pero si eres voluntario puedes entrar gratis. Ya iré comentando más a medida que se acerque la fecha. de momento dejo el anuncio del pub de Roskilde, Gimle; para ser voluntario

Gimle offer you the opportunity to become a volunteer at Roskilde Festival 2011 and thereby receive free entrance to the Festival, become an active asset in creating the Festival, and at the same time getting tons of great experiences.
Gimle have, as many other associations, chosen once again to become an active partner in making Roskilde Festival a success. We have amongst other things been given the responsibility for one of the many camp-zones on the Festival grounds, and it is because of this we are seeking energetic volunteers.
Your job will be to work as a “Camp Guard” in Gimle’s appointed camp-zone during the festival. The job tasks consist of: patrolling the zone and servicing the festival guests. You will have a minimum of 3 shifts of approx. 8 hours – during the festival. We will do our best to provide all volunteers with an equal amount of free time during the festival itself. During your shifts there will be a camp-zone supervisor available who can assist you in servicing guests and answering queries. You do not need any prior festival experience and you will be given a foundational course in safety & security, other procedures and regulations, before your first
You must be able to be in Roskilde from Sunday the 26th of June until Monday the 4th of July. If there should be a day in this period that you are not able to work, you must inform us as soon as possible. We will also to our best abilities ensure that you can work with your friends, but
cannot guarantee it as there will be 150 volunteers that have to be fit into the schedule. You will receive your final work schedule by email latest 2 weeks before the start of the festival.
We, Gimle, are very dependent on you as volunteer workers at the festival to meet up on time to your planned shifts. There are not only the practical problems during the shift itself if you do not meet up but also financial consequences for Gimle meaning a fine for being absent.
Therefore all of whom are interested in being volunteers at Roskilde Festival are required to pay a deposit of 500 DKK before the festival. This deposit will of course be returned after the festival if you have met up to all of your shifts on time. There will be written a contract between Roskilde Festival and every volunteer which will contain a detailed description of the
job tasks as a “Camp Guard”.
If this sounds like something, that you want to be a part of, then write to The mail must include: your full name, address, birth date (must be min. 18 years of age), and write a few lines about who you are and why you want to be a volunteer at the festival.