Denmark by international students

20 12 2010

Thanks so much for your comments. These 4 months were unforgettable. After Christmas, will start a new experience for me however you will be in my heart for all my life: ANDREAS, Laura, Maria, Edytha, Magdi, Leni, Vera, Chiara, Paolo, Fede, Ale, Ginevra, Hiro, Javi, Aitor, Guille, Marc, Ana, Silvia, Cristian, Sara, Miriam, Claudia, Eva, Victor, Lance, Alberto, Eliska, Mael, Pietro, Norman, Quentin, Fanny, Caroline, Deborah, Moritz, Barbara, Philippe, Azar, Radka, Lenka, Kaan, Servet, Flor, Kursat, Matteo, Constantin, Amanda, Yannick, Bea, Michela, Mikel, Kitty and mouse


–          Across this four month we found a new family in Korallen. The end is coming. I will miss Denmark, I will miss Korallen and of course I will miss all the people.

–          There I no other word, I’m in love. Denmark “ti amo”.

–          I love my Erasmus-mates. C’mon.

–          I hate 48hours exms! I loved people! I want more!

–          “The best experience of my live. Thanks to everybody” (Ale).

–          I have a small pennies because I am French and Asian girl told me

–          “I’m so excited, the Erasmus experience is great. I recommend it to everyone” (Sara).

–          “The best thing of Erasmus are the people I met and all the culture We experience, There is something new to learn and that make you grow. Thanks to all!” (Elisa)

–          “7 words define this Erasmus time: Dream, Experience, Neverland, Amazing, Rockwool & Korallen: Thanks so much to all of you” (Víctor).

–          “Thanks to Spanish family and my Italian family” (Ale).

–          “Thanks everybody for great moments “(Eva).

–          I feel sooooo enjoyable like a party everyday.  Because all of you!! Thank you all, and let’s enjoy the life toghether. =) (Hiroko).

–          I hate this fucking snow. PS. Turkey is a country, not a bird you bastard American.

–          Erasmus in Denmark: I met here many great friends and I hope we will stay friends after all. We made many things always with happy ending. I would like to come again… =)

–          I hope to meet all my Erasmus friends again =)

–          Erasmus is great.

–          “Nice to stay with you surrender by snow.  What such a Christmas”. (Fede, kises)

–          Lancha has a big mouth. I’m serious, it’s big!

–          My experience from Danish = I learn here to be lazy did not improve my English but it was great to meet you.

–          Thanks you for these four month!

–          This has been the fucking best experience of my life. I have no words to describe what I have lived. Thanks everyone.

–          Meassage in a shoke: Note a S.O.S.: I’m coming back with two new brothers. I am coming with the 80’s in my heart. With cph in my Dream… I hope to learn something of me… with you… for you.

–          I Will miss Erasmus, because here I have found good friends and fantastic people. Thanks!

–          I came here and new acquaintances. Now I’m leaving with friends.

–          I love you people and I can’t imagine live without you any more.

–          Thanks to a poet, to a neighbor, to a great” morena”, and well… all of you, girls, are both morena and great! To a diplomatic… I would never finish… I will never finish!! At some point, you realize that the word “enough” has sense if you put “not” before. Never thought that Denmark was going to make me fond of (or on??? =)) Spain.

–          I’m glad to have learnt..Spitenglish (Chiara)

–          One semester one life

–          I hate someone screamy!! I feel better to meet all Erasmus students to Roskilde and also next semester, I’ll miss Korallen friends (and parties) (next semester I will be alone here)

–          To all of you: my door is open for all if you come to Prague!!!The ambassador of Czech Republic, for all Erasmus 2010 (Eliska)

–          Everyone who I like..i wish them to happy and health and rich J.

–          It is the Erasmus! This is the Erasmus! What can i do sometimes?          


–          TO CLAUDIA: Te adoro y además te quiero (Miriam).

–          CRISTIAN: De tapas por Madrid!!! Al principio pensé que estabas loco, ahora lo confirmo… pero molas =)

–          EVA: Te quiero más que a mi vida. (Miriam).

–          CLAUDIA & EVA: Entre su locura y su cercanía e queda en Dinamarca la nieve más triste y su sirenita más huérfana (Guille).€

–          (L)Laura, Edita & Vera (L) from… guess who!

–          SERVERT: I really liked the way you fucked me.

–          TO MY SPANISH FAMIL: Thanks for all those unforgettable moments. (Magda).

–          “Boring!! You are joke” (Alberto)

–          PAOLO: I love you mona (“coño”).

–          MIRIAM: Sincerity authenticity…

–          MARIA ROCKWOOL: “The best flat-mate ever!!! Nos vemos por Madrid… echaré de menos las conversaciones en el sofá!”

–          PAOLO: Thanks to my Italian love. I never forget our videos (Ale).

–          ITALIAN PEOPLE: You are all soooo nice, my favorite Korallen people.

–          MIRIAM: I would never forget you standing In front of three liters of pinya colada, asking for a MINIPIMMEL!! Kisses, (Magda).

–          ALE, PAOLO AND FEDE: Great show! The Korallen CHIPPENDALES! (“What, what”, song) (Magda).

–          CRISTIAN: Ohh Cristian!! No one has a mojo like yours, you made me so horny!

–          KAAN: I dance better than you =) (Lance)

–          KAAN: Thanks Lance, last night was perfect (Hakan Rin$).

–          NOEL: Thanks you for the best teacher, I could have learn a little bit of Spanish in Denmark =)

–          TO SPANISH AND CATALAN FAMILY: Mi Erasmus sin vosotros no sería ni una décima parte de bueno. Pase lo que pase a partir de ahora ya habéis hecho de esta la mejor experiencia de mi vida (Miriam).

–          FIRST ROCKWOOL FLOOR + KAAN + LANCE: The best and dirtiest neighbours. I will miss you a lot. (Cristian)

–          EVA: I hope we will see each other again soon on a trip from Innsbruck to Trekroner and back to Spain’s sunny beaches. I will miss you! (Magda).

–          CLAUDIA:  Korallen earthquake. I will miss you and your dancing on the hitter. (Magda).

–          NOEL: Thanks for turning me in to a fatty. You  are going to pay for my fitness trainer. (Magda, sorry… Magdi).

–           PEQUE MALAGUEÑA: Te quiero gorda!

–          PAOLO: The Best Korallen DJ

–          MIRIAM:  Seriously?? C’MON..THANKS FOR EVERYTHING (Ale).

–          MARC: Culo Gordo.

–          PAOLO, VERA, FEDE,ALE: thanks for all the time spend in the kitchen cooking (Chiara).

–          LANCE: I really enjoy on first conversation . thanks to you I changed my view about American people. It was great to meet you.

Agradecimientos: Andreas por corregir mi mal inglés. Victor por transcribir las notas. =)




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